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"Affordable Recording Studio, Voice-Over Studio, Deep House Creation Studio"

Recording Studio 68 - "A DJ Trip Productions"

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Our Rates and Packages

Recording Studio 68 is a quality, affordable studio. We provide seasoned engineers and a very good product.
Here's our rates:

Pro Rates:

- Recording Per Hour/Song - $45.00
- Song Mix - 5 Minutes Max - $150.00
- Interactive Deep House Creation
- Karaoke (record yourself singing) $25.00/per song
- Disc Burning - $2.00/per disc
- DAW Backup* - $60.00/per song


Jumpstart ONE:

Record 1 Song, Mix, Master , 1 CD.


Jumpstart TWO:

Record 3 Songs, Mix, Master, 1 CD.


Mini DEMO 1:

Record 4 Songs, Mix, Master, 1 CD.



Record 6 Songs, Mix, Master, 3 CDs.


Student Discount Rates Below:

High School Student Discount Rates:
$200 - Includes 2 Songs, Mix, Master, 1 CD.

Take home a preliminary demo CD to share with your family and friends. Ask how we can get it on iTunes, YouTube and Soundcloud.
*Note: A backup device is not included, please purchase an external hard drive.  Burned CDs from the studio are from store purchased blank disc and do not include professional labeling, option available upon request at a special rate.  We do not store your music on site past 30 days.